Monday, April 13, 2015

AAPS School Bond Proposal on May 5th Ballot: Strong Schools for a Strong Community

In the May 5 election, the Ann Arbor Public Schools will ask voters to approve borrowing to take care of important capital expenditures that have been put off as other critical needs were addressed.
The timing is right to take care of these needs at no added cost to residents of the district.

So, what exactly is this bond for?

Safe and Sound:  A vote YES will replace an aging school bus fleet, outfit buses with security equipment like GPS and Cameras, retrofit all school entrances with secure doors and install energy-saving window treatments that meet safety protocols.

Programs to Playgrounds:  A vote YES will replace worn musical instruments and add new ones to meet growing student need, update our kids’ desks and equipment to support innovative teaching and bring school playgrounds up to the latest safety standards.

Community Benefits:  A vote YES will upgrade school auditoriums to support stellar arts programs and community events.  Our many athletic fields will also be improved to not only better serve our kids but also surrounding neighborhoods and recreational use.

AAPS has carefully managed its existing debt: the District just saved taxpayers $3.3 million through refinancing.  Borrowing costs are low, and this is a great time for our community to invest in these kinds of improvements without having to take it away from the funds used for everyday classroom teaching.
Five community information meetings have been scheduled at 6:30 p.m. at the middle schools:
·       April 14 @ Slauson Middle School
·       April 16 @ Tappan Middle School
·       April 21 @ Scarlett Middle School
·       April 23 @ Clague Middle School
·       April 30 @ Forsythe Middle School

For more information, please go to the Ann Arbor Public Schools web site at  To contribute or volunteer, please go to the Ann Arbor Citizens Millage Committee web site at If you would like a lawn sign, you can request one at this link: