Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Abbot Math Night Draws Record Crowd

Approximately 150 students and parents attended this year’s Math Night on January 29, a record for the event.

“This is the best Math Night we’ve ever had,” said first grade teacher Cathy Stone, one of the organizers.

Ms. Stone thought a combination of effective promotion by the teachers and the addition of several new activities this year was behind the great turnout. Students especially seemed to enjoy the math in art activities organized by Abbot art teacher Kristina Ruthven, the online math games in the computer lab, playing Twister and the estimation jar contest.

“Having Ms. Ruthven involved was fabulous,” Ms. Stone said.

Next year’s plans may include expanding the range of activities to also include art in music.

“Showing parents and students the games is so important in making math fun,” Ms. Stone added. “Parents can help by continuing to play these games at home with their kids.”

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