Monday, June 9, 2014

PTO Funds Standing Desk for Students with Special Needs

How is the money we raise for the PTO spent? It is not all field trips and enrichment activities. As important as those things are to bring learning to life, the PTO also buys many vital resources needed at Abbot but not funded by the district. 

One example is the investment the PTO made this year in a standing desk for our students with special needs. Standing desks are a simple and research proven intervention for students who for various reasons have a harder time concentrating on school work. Being able to stand or sit on a stool and slide a silent foot rest back and forth enables students to release some physical energy that otherwise would interfere with focusing on school work. 

Tracie Frailey, the Resource Room teacher, reports that this simple solution is really working. Students even request to use it when they find that they are having trouble sitting still and concentrating on learning.

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